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Storing records properly - this is what you need to pay attention to

Whether the old record collection from your youth or new vinyl records: So that you have as long as possible something from your collection, it is important to store the records properly. There are some good tips and tricks you can use for this.

How to store your records properly

There are a variety of tricks you can use when storing your record collection to get the most out of your favorite music for as long as possible.
  1. Make sure the records are in an inner sleeve before you put them in the cover. The inner sleeve is usually much finer and softer than the rough cardboard of the cover. If you no longer have an inner sleeve, you can re-buy the sleeves online.
  2. Also avoid exposing the records to great heat, this will harm them. Therefore, do not store the records in the attic or directly next to radiators.
  3. For additional protection, you can pack the records in special protective sleeves made of PVC. This keeps dust off and prevents pressure marks.
  4. Try to store the records upright. If you do not have space for this, stack a maximum of 20 plates on top of each other on a flat surface. Stack too many plates on top of each other, this can namely lead to deformation.

Caution mold! Avoid too high humidity

It is also important to pay attention to moisture. While it does not harm the panels themselves, it can cause the cardboard covers to begin to mold. If humidity is high, prevent mold growth by not placing the boards too close together. You can also cover the boards with blankets or cloths. Plastic sheets are not suitable for high humidity, because they prevent air circulation.

By Imelda Depolo

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