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Facebook: Invite All Friends

You can use Facebook events for more than just parties and other events. The format can also be used to reach as many users as possible at once using the invitation feature. Once you create a Facebook event, you can invite individual friends or all of them at once.

Invite Facebook friends - here's howFacebook is still one of the most popular social media platforms around. Do you have plans to celebrate your birthday or a wedding, then it can be useful to create this event in Facebook and invite your friends. If you want to invite all your friends right away, then this is only possible through the group settings. Since Facebook has revised the design of the website, you can no longer send an invitation directly to all friend.
  1. Go to Facebook with your browser and log in with your data.
  2. Then click on "Events" on the left side.
  3. In the new overview, click on the left side on the button "Create new event".
  4. On the right you now have the choice between an online or a presence event.
  5. Once you have made the choice, you can specify the name, time and date of the event.
  6. It is also possible to set the privacy. Select "Friends" here. So gehen Sie sicher, dass nur Freunde an der Veranstaltung teilnehmen können.
  7. Im nächsten Schritt können Sie den Standort auswählen und danach ein Titelbild und andere Einstellungen treffen.
  8. Bestätigen Sie Ihre Auswahl über „Veranstaltung erstellen“. Sie können auch nachträglich noch Änderungen an der Veranstaltung vornehmen, indem Sie in der Übersicht darauf klicken.

By Goldsmith

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