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Hide friends list on Facebook: how to do it

Not all information is meant to be seen by everyone. On Facebook, this is even more true and the friends list in particular is a sensitive issue for many users. We show you how to hide it

You can also set the visibility of your friends list as you wish.

With these steps you can hide your friends list on Facebook

If you don't want certain people on Facebook to also be able to see your friends list, then you have to set this in the "Friends" section of your profile.
  1. Open Facebook in your browser and log in with your data.
  2. Click in the upper right corner on the icon with the arrowhead pointing down.
  3. Under the options, select the item "Settings and Privacy" and then "Settings".
  4. On the left side you will find the item "Privacy". Here you can set which information of your profile is visible to others.
  5. Scroll down to the entry "Who can see your friends list?". Now click on "Edit" to the right of it.
  6. Here you can now select a group that is allowed to see your friends list. With "Only me" only you see your complete list. Die neue Einstellung wird direkt übernommen und Ihre Freundesliste ist nur noch für Sie selbst sichtbar.
  7. Hat Ihr Freund die Liste jedoch auf öffentlich eingestellt, können andere Personen auf dessen Profil sehen, dass Sie mit ihm befreundet sind.

By Barclay

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