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Windows 93 is online: We explain the nostalgic cult site

Windows still dominates the world of PC operating systems, but it has had a long evolution. For connoisseurs of the early days, Windows 93 is a nice trip down memory lane.

Good old days: Windows 93 harks back to the days of the world-famous Windows 95.

Windows 95 was a global success back then. Based on this icon among operating systems, the Windows 93 page was developed and put online.

How to find Windows 93 online - and what awaits you

You can find Windows 93 at the address windows93.net:
  • Even the loading process of the page imitates the technology standards of the time.
  • Then a desktop appears completely in the style of the nineties. The special thing about it: You can click on all icons and start with them.
  • So there is, for example, a terminal for entering commands, a calculator, a text file in txt format and with the Cat Explorer a browser of the classic kind.
  • Almost even more interesting are the emulators, for example for the legendary NES.
For users who already used Windows 95 back then, the online page is thus a nostalgic journey back in time. Für jüngere Generationen ist Windows 93 ebenfalls interessant, um zu erkennen, welche dramatischen Sprünge die Technologie in weniger als 30 Jahren gemacht hat.

By Bannerman

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