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WoW: Refer a friend - this is how it works and these are the advantages

World of Warcraft has existed since 2004 and has since then repeatedly struggled with player loss. Nevertheless, the most successful game of all time continues to run and regularly attracts new gamers. As an incentive, Blizzard has developed an enticing system where you can benefit from inviting your friends to join WoW.

By recruiting a friend for WoW, you will receive several rewards in the game.

WoW: Recruit friend and dust off benefits

If you would like to play with friends in WoW, it is worthwhile for you to recruit them beforehand. In total, you can invite ten friends. In order for you to receive the rewards afterwards, your recruited friend must have active game time.
  1. Depending on the activated game time of your friends, you will receive different rewards. It does not matter whether several people have a month or one person has several months of active game time.
  2. After one month you will receive "Rikki", after two months, on the other hand, 30 days of additional game time.
  3. After that, you will receive with each month, for example, a companion, a title or other items or additional game time.
  4. Once you have received all twelve rewards after twelve months, you will receive 30 days of game time for every three months.
  5. In addition, you can participate in in-game activities together with your friends. What they are, you can see in the game under "Recruit a friend".
  6. Acquired friends get a roomy backpack. In addition, you can summon each other every 30 minutes.
To invite a friend, you must log into WoW and go to your friends list. Here, select "Recruit a friend" and then "Refer". Sie erhalten einen Link, den Sie wiederum an Ihren Freund weiterleiten müssen.

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