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Saeco Moltio descale - how to clean the coffee machine

To keep your Saeco Moltio in good condition and working as usual, it is important that you descale the machine regularly. In the program menu, you will find an extra descaling program for this purpose. However, in order not to damage the machine during the process, there are a few little things to keep in mind.

Preparations: Descaling your Saeco Moltio

You should allow about 30 minutes for the entire descaling process. Also, before you start descaling, empty the drip tray and remove the water filter from the water reservoir. Also, have a collection container ready for the rinse water. Philips/Saeco recommends its in-house CA7600 or CA6701 as a descaling solution.

How to descale your espresso machine

Follow these steps to begin descaling:
  1. Access the menu and select the "CALC CLEAN" option. Confirm the selection by pressing the [Espresso] button.
  2. Remove the water tank and fill the entire bottle of Saeco descaling solution into the tank. Fill the remainder up to the MAX mark with water and replace the tank.
  3. Now place the drip tray under the milk container spout and the coffee spout.
  4. Press the [Espresso] or the [Coffee] button to start descaling.
  5. Once the descaling solution has run through, the rinsing cycles begin. Empty the drip tray and place it back under the spouts. Rinse out the water container and fill it with water.
  6. Press the [Espresso] button to start the rinsing process.
  7. If the ready symbol appears on the display, the descaling process is complete. If the water icon appears, you must repeat the rinsing process another time.

By Brien Tetrault

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