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Facebook Messenger: Set up profile code

By setting up a profile code in Facebook Messenger, your friends and new acquaintances will be able to find you much faster and add you as a friend. Because all you have to do is scan the profile code with the app.

Why set up the profile code in Facebook Messenger?

The profile code in Facebook Messenger helps you find friends faster. This is because when you search by name, you often get multiple search results and have to figure out which one is the right one. If your friend doesn't have a profile photo that is unique or shows their face, this can be quite difficult. With the friend code, on the other hand, you only need a quick scan in the Messenger app to be able to chat with your friends.

How to get and use the profile code

  • You don't have to set up the Facebook Messenger profile code manually. If your Facebook app is up to date, it will automatically assign you a code.
  • Open the Messenger app and tap the people icon in the top right corner.
  • Your profile picture is surrounded by a blue barcode. This is your profile code. Tap the profile picture.
  • You can now tap "Share" and send your profile code to a friend that way.
  • To use the profile code to find someone, swipe right once and then press "Scan Code". Befinden Sie sich gerade bei einem Freund, den Sie im Messenger hinzuf├╝gen wollen, dann scannen Sie nun einfach den Profilcode von seinem Smartphone ab.

By Kudva Lisk

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