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What are true-wireless headphones? We explain

A lot has happened in audio as well, and true-wireless headphones are the latest prank to hit the market. We explain what's behind the term and how it stands out.

True wireless: True wireless headphones no longer require any cabling at all.

Cables have always been considered annoying; things WLAN, wireless mice and keyboards have been around for a long time because of this.

True-wireless headphones: this is the special feature

True-wireless headphones are not to be confused with the Bluetooth models, which have been around for much longer.
  • Bluetooth headphones are also not connected to the smartphone or tablet by cable, but the two headphones are wired together.
  • True-wireless headphones are therefore the increase, because here also the two headphones are not wired.
  • This makes true-wireless headphones extremely handy and easy in everyday life. In turn, more caution is required, since the small objects are quickly lost.
  • In addition, the battery level is always to be noted. The headphones are charged in the associated box.
Diffusion found the technology first through Apple's AirPods, meanwhile, a wide selection has emerged, as manufacturers such as Samsung, JBL, Teufel, Sennheiser and Razer have also brought their own products on the market. Die Preisspanne deckt dadurch ein größeres Spektrum ab, das bei deutlich unter 100 Euro beginnt.

By Winer Browers

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