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Facebook Messenger: Blocked? How to tell

Wondering if you've been blocked on Facebook, but don't want to call the person out on it directly? There are several clues you can use to tell if you've been blocked on Facebook Messenger.

How to tell if you've been blocked in Facebook Messenger

If you suspect your contact has blocked you, you can check your suspicions with these tips.
  1. If you've already written to the person via Facebook, you can open the chat. If you see the message "You can't reply to this conversation" there, the person has either deactivated your account or blocked you.
  2. In Facebook Messenger, enter the person's name and write him a message. If there is no error message now, the message is delivered and you are not blocked.
  3. On the other hand, if you get a message in Facebook Messenger that the person is currently unavailable, it is possible that the person has deactivated their Facebook account or you have been blocked.
  4. If you have only been blocked in Messenger but not in Facebook itself, you can still contact the person through Facebook. Otherwise, you can use other means of contact to clarify things and ask if the person will unblock you.

How you can tell that you have also been blocked in Facebook

  1. If you can't find the person through the Facebook search bar, they have either disabled searches, logged out of Facebook, or blocked you.
  2. Wenn (gemeinsame) Freunde auf das Profil der Person zugreifen k├Ânnen, Sie jedoch nicht, wurden Sie geblockt.

By Tilden

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