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WhatsApp: Alternatives - these apps are available

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers currently on the market. For this reason, the company was bought out by Facebook. Many people now know that Facebook collects and sells the data of its users, now they want to switch to another messenger. There are some alternatives.

What are the alternatives to WhatsApp?

When choosing a WhatsApp alternative, you should know what you want to use Messenger for. Most services now offer a wide range of features, some even greater than WhatsApp. Other messengers only deal with one service such as video chats, telephony or messaging.
  1. If security and encryption are particularly important to you, then you should take a closer look at the WhatsApp alternative Threema. The messenger is financed by a one-time fee, which you use to buy the app. After that, however, it is completely free to use. You can secure sensitive chats and data in this app with your fingerprint.
  2. Telegram is another popular WhatsApp alternative that is free. The chat app offers all the same features as WhatsApp - plus some extra features like stickers or secret chats where messages delete themselves.
  3. You can also chat and make calls with Viber. With the app you can do everything you can do with WhatsApp and even a few extras more. You can create a community and share messages with it. The number of community members is unlimited.

By Harland Cinnante

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