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Thermomix Alternatives: Better than the original?

Does a thermal kitchen machine always have to come from Vorwerk? No, says the competition and sends its all-rounders into the ring. eKitchen has taken a look at and tested Thermomix alternatives from various manufacturers.

Kitchen machines with a cooking function, such as the "Prep and Cook" from Krups (below right), offer themselves as multifunctional kitchen helpers - and are out to get the best of the top dog from Vorwerk (left).

Since 1980, the various kitchen machine models from Vorwerk under the Thermomix name have not only been able to chop, stir and mix, but also cook in almost the same operation. This saves time and cookware, and millions of cooking fans around the world swear by the appliances. This success is whetting the appetite of other manufacturers to get a piece of the pie ...

The Original: Vorwerk Thermomix TM5

The current Thermomix TM6 model for 1,359 euros is technically fully up to date. The integrated scale is also already found in predecessor versions, which at the time made for unflattering headlines when a TM31 exploded. Launched in 2019, the TM6 and its predecessor the TM5 also feature a color touchscreen that guides the chef step by step through the recipe and cooking process. "Guided cooking" is the name of the game, and it means that even the most reluctant cooks can practically do no wrong when preparing soups, cake batters or stews. Recipe chips can be docked onto the side of the TM5's housing and used as digital cookbooks to expand the cooking repertoire. However, neither the TM5 nor the corresponding recipe chips are available anymore. Another way to feed the Thermomix TM5 with recipes is the optional Cook-Key. It brings the Thermi online and connects it to Vorwerk's recipe portal (not to be confused with the recipe world). Purchased and unlocked recipes are available there. In addition, there are tips for the Thermomix that owners can use to get even more out of this all-rounder. Für den neuen Thermomix TM 6 gibt es keine Schnittstelle mehr für externe Chips oder den Cook-Key, aber dafür greifen Sie über das Display direkt auf das Rezept-Portal Cokidoo zu. Hier finden Sie über 49.000 Rezepte für Ihren Thermomix. Das Cookidoo-Abo kostet 36 Euro pro Jahr. Auch auf eKitchen sammeln wir regelmäßig leckere und kreative Rezepte für den Thermomix.

Thermomix-Alternativen im Vergleich




Lidl Monsieur Cuisine connect

ca. 299 Euro


Aldi Quigg Küchenmaschine mit Kochfunktion

ca. 229 Euro


Rosenstein & Söhne TKM 2015

ca. 170 Euro

» Zum Angebot: Rosenstein & Söhne TKM 2015 bei AMAZON

Krups Prep & Cook Gourmet HP6031

ca. 730 Euro

» Zum Angebot: Krups Prep & Cook HP Gourmet 6031 bei AMAZON

KitchenAid Artisan Cook Processor

1.029 Euro (UVP)

» Zum Angebot: KitchenAid Artisan Cook Processor bei AMAZON

Medion Küchenmaschine mit Kochfunktion

ca. 200 Euro

" To the offer: Medion food processor with cooking function at AMAZON

Thermomix alternative: Lidl Monsieur Cuisine connect

From Lidl there have already been several inexpensive devices under 200 euros (Monsieur Cuisine, Monsieur Cuisine Plus), which offer similar functions as the original from Vorwerk. The latest version of the Monsieur Cuisine, the Monsieur Cuisine connect, comes even closer to the original. Meanwhile, the new food processor from the discounter has a color touch display, an integrated kitchen scale that enables weighing in the pot, counterclockwise rotation, a WLAN interface and the Cooking Pilot with 300 recipes that accompanies preparation step by step. The design of the new Monsieur Cuisine is also increasingly reminiscent of the Thermomix. But it also costs a bit more than its predecessors: the entire set including accessories costs 299 euros at Lidl.

Thermomix alternative: Aldi Quigg food processor

Aldi also has its own food processor with cooking function (Quigg/studio food processor). The latest version of the Aldi food processor still can not weigh directly in the mixing bowl, but it has a WLAN function and app integration. While it can't access the Internet, it can connect to the app on your smartphone, which allows it to access various recipes. The RRP is 229 euros.

Thermomix alternative: Medion MD 16361 food processor with cooking function

Even Medion is getting into the act and wants to give the Thermomix a run for its money. Its own MD 16361 food processor with cooking function relies on extensive accessories and a range of functions that is impressive. In the test, the alternative from Medion could not quite keep up with the Thermomix, but for that it costs with kanpp 200 euros a lot less than the original from Vorwerk." To the offer: Medion MD 13631 food processor at AMAZON

Thermomix alternative: Rosenstein & Söhne TKM 2015

The Rosenstein & Söhne TKM 2015 has an integrated scale and costs only 199 euros. To first test whether such a machine fits into your own kitchen and individual cooking habits, the low-budget devices are quite suitable. Alternatively, you can rent the Thermomix TM5!" To the offer: Rosenstein & Söhne TKM 2015 at AMAZON

Thermomix alternative: Krups Prep & Cook

Somewhat more money you have to spend for the devices tested by eKitchen such as the Krups Prep & Cook HP 5031 (800 euros, RRP). It can cook, chop and stir, for example, just like the cheaper competitors. However, a built-in scale or internet connectivity of any kind is missing here. Krups' food processor shines with an extensive and well-structured control panel as well as special programs for making soups or desserts. Krups includes a cookbook with 300 recipes, from which many menus can be combined. For those who want a smarter device, there is now a new variant: Krups Prep & Cook Gourmet HP 6031. The new variant is smart and can, for example, be connected to a smartphone to access many recipes and their cooking parameters. In terms of price, it is slightly above the first variant." Go to the offer: Krups Prep & Cook HP5031 at AMAZON

Thermomix alternative: KitchenAid Cook Processor

With 1,029 euros (RRP), the Cook Processor from KitchenAid is almost on Vorwerk level in terms of price. The latest version of the food processor, the KitchenAid Cook Processor connect, is even more expensive than the Thermomix with an MSRP of 1,399 euros. Integrated scales, cooking function, various stirring and chopping attachments, chic, high-quality exterior - very similar so far. An extensive recipe collection is then available thanks to Connect function via smartphone or tablet." To the offer: KitchenAid Cook Processor at AMAZON

Multi Cook Mixer

To the offer at Print

By Kira Santiago

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