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Suitable Thermomix alternatives for every budget

Vorwerks Thermomix models TM5 and its successor TM6 are in vogue. But its many capabilities come at a hefty price. We therefore take a look at some well-known Thermomix alternatives from different price ranges.

Favorable Thermomix alternatives: Modern cooking doesn't have to be expensive.

These cheap Thermomix alternatives have proven themselves

The Thermomix TM5 sells so successfully that manufacturer Vorwerk has launched a new model, the TM6, which has additional features such as slow cooking. However, the Thermomix is also particularly high-priced at 1359€, which is why a look at alternatives is worthwhile.
  • Krups Prep&Cook HP5031: The food processor from the Krups brand has, like the Thermomix, a cooking function and various integrated programs. At the same time, the model is with 799€ but significantly cheaper.
  • TKM 2015 from Rosenstein & Söhne: The food processor of the manufacturer Pearl is available for 199 euros. The TKM 2015 thus costs significantly less than the TM6, accordingly narrow the range of functions in comparison. The TKM 2015 is ideal for hobby cooks who first want to find out whether they like cooking with a kitchen appliance at all.
  • KitchenAid 5KCF0103ECA/1: At 789 euros, the KitchenAid is one of the high-priced kitchen appliances, but is still cheaper than the Thermomix. With six modes, large pot and quite a few setting options, it clearly attacks the upper class while remaining under the 1,000 euro mark.
A big advantage of all these devices over the Thermomix is their procurement. They are quite normally available in stores, especially online you can usually find the best deals. With the Thermomix, this is known to be different: for the cult device, they must first locate a representative and buy the food processor from her in the course of a demonstration event.

Conclusion: a new cooking experience is not expensive thanks to the Thermomix alternatives

Who has not yet cooked with a multifunctional kitchen appliance, for which the aforementioned Thermomix alternatives are therefore a recommendation not only for cost reasons. Many discounters, such as Aldi or Lidl, now also regularly have Thermomix alternatives on offer, which are already available for under 200€.

By Truda Saling

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