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Win Paysafecard - this is how it's possible

Using a Paysafecard is a good way to pay for online purchases if protecting your private banking information is important to you. If you have purchased a Paysafecard locally, its balance can be redeemed in various online stores. How to win a Paysafecard, you can read here.

All information about using a Paysafecard

With a Paysafecard you have the possibility to pay your purchase in many online stores without providing the data of your bank account or a credit card. Instead, you enter the 16-digit PIN of your Paysafecard during the payment process to use the credit of the card.
  1. The value of the credit on a Paysafecard varies thereby and can amount to 10, 25, 50 or 100 euros.
  2. Paysafecards are available at various points of sale such as gas stations, supermarkets, lottery retailers or post offices. Do not you know where in your area is the nearest point of sale, just use the search function on the Paysafecard website.
  3. On the website you also have the option to perform a credit query to find out before use, how much your card balance is still.

Here you have the opportunity to win a Paysafecard

Instead of buying a Paysafecard, you have several options to win a credit card or earn it. Especially with sweepstakes, however, you should make sure that it is a reputable provider and not too much private data is required. If you operate your own website, the best way to get a Paysafecard for free is to participate in the company's "affiliate program". Schalten Sie auf Ihrer Seite Werbung für Paysafecard, erhalten Sie für jeden neu registrierten Kunden eine Provision vom Unternehmen.

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