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What is a Convertible Notebook? You should know

Not only on the Internet, but also in stores you can find more and more notebooks that are labeled "convertible". This is a combination of tablet and notebook that is particularly well-suited for various areas of use due to its individual characteristics.

When is a convertible notebook worthwhile?

Generally, this variant makes a lot of sense if you need both a tablet and a notebook in everyday life. Because by fusing the two devices, you get all the features of both devices.
  1. Convertible notebooks have the advantage that you can also take notes with a pen, which is especially helpful for working with PDFs.
  2. With a simple system, you can separate the tablet from the keyboard and thus use the device in "tablet mode".
  3. To create more elaborate documents, simply connect the keyboard to the tablet and use the convertible notebook so to type.
  4. Even when editing documents, for example in meetings or at university, a convertible notebook is very helpful.
  5. Since the notebook cases have a separate pocket for the keyboard, you can comfortably use the tablet anywhere.
Meanwhile, almost all major manufacturers of notebooks and laptops offer convertible notebooks and that in different price ranges. This allows you to choose such a device, even with a lower budget.

By Sverre Wallen

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