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Galaxy Fold: Rotate screen - what you should know

Apps can be used in either portrait or landscape format - although not every app supports switching the two formats dynamically. Usually, you can set whether the format is automatically switched when the device is rotated. However, this is no longer possible with the Galaxy Fold.

Is it possible to rotate the screen on the Galaxy Fold?

The latest smartphone in Samsung's Galaxy series is the Fold. This is the first foldable device. It has a display at the front and changes to a double-sized screen in unfolded mode. The display is very sensitive and reacts strongly to external influences. Usually, you have the option to rotate the device on a smartphone and then the picture also rotates automatically. If you do not want this, you can deactivate the function via the settings or the control center. However, this is no longer as easy with the Galaxy Fold.
  1. The Galaxy Fold does not offer the option to rotate the screen.
  2. If you move the device to the side or rotate it, nothing happens to the displayed image.
  3. This function is independent of whether the device is folded or not.
  4. You can therefore only use the Samsung Galaxy Fold in portrait mode by default. Auch die Anwendungen, die Sie auf dem Gerät verwenden können, sind auf diese Weise ausgelegt.

By Daisi

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