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iPhone X does not vibrate: How to remedy

A vibration is a good and little annoying indicator of incoming messages and calls. But if your iPhone X suddenly stops vibrating, a setting has probably changed unintentionally.

Check settings if iPhone X doesn't vibrate

To make iPhone X alert you to new notifications with a vibration, you need to make the appropriate settings. Besides, different modes of the iPhone can make it not vibrate or not ring. Therefore, check the following:
  1. First, open the settings on your iPhone X and find the "Sounds" menu. Here, depending on the desired setting, now slide the slider "Vibrate on silent" and "Vibrate on ringtone" to the right so that they are highlighted in green.
  2. If these two sliders were already activated, check the switch on the left side of the device. If you see an orange line, your device is on mute. Move the switch to change this.
  3. If you see a crescent moon at the top of the status bar with various iPhone icons, "Do Not Disturb" is enabled. Open the Control Center and tap the moon icon to disable the function.

Hardware defective

If the vibration motor of the iPhone is defective, it is difficult to check as a layman. You can reset the iPhone X to factory settings as a last attempt and check whether the vibration then works. If this also brings no success, contact Apple technical support or an Apple Store.

By Rosa

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