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iPhone 12: USB debugging - how to get into developer mode

If problems occur when connecting a smartphone to the PC, USB debugging can help to solve them. However, iPhones, like the iPhone 12, do not have this feature in the settings. However, experienced developers can otherwise gain access to the debugging mode.

iPhone 12: USB debugging enable

"Debugging" refers to a process in which a software is searched for errors (English: bugs) and these are then eliminated. When "USB debugging" is activated, the smartphone or tablet is put into developer mode (debugging mode) during the USB connection with your PC.
  1. On the iPhone 12, however, developer mode cannot be activated so easily.
  2. Sophisticated users must download Apple's integrated development environment (IDE) called Xcodeden PC for this purpose.
  3. The development environment Xcode is available exclusively for the company's own Apple computers with Mac OS.

The risks of USB debugging

The function explained above, however, also carries risks and should only be activated if you really need it and also have sufficient knowledge. For example, a thief could bypass the smartphone lock when debugging is enabled and gain access to your protected data through this.

By Wengert

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