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Excel: Runtime error 1004 - how to fix it

When you run a VBA macro in Excel to make changes to legend entries, you may get an error. For example, the message "Runtime error '1004': application or object defined error" is then displayed. However, this can be solved in a few steps.

This is behind the runtime error 1004 in Excel

If your Excel chart has more legend entries than there is memory available for these entries in the chart, an error may occur. This occurs mainly when a VBA macro is used to modify the legend entries. The most common cause of this problem is an error in the code.
  1. First, read the error message that follows 1004 carefully. Usually this already gives a hint where the problem lies.
  2. Make sure that the loops in the code of your macro have not been set incorrectly.
  3. In addition, narrow down the sources of the error and check whether the error was caused by an incorrect sheet assignment.
  4. In addition, it may be that there is a write protection on the worksheet or on the whole workbook. Auch dann kann es zum Fehler 1004 kommen.
  5. Wenn Sie den Fehler dennoch nicht finden, dann gibt es verschiedene Stellen, an denen Sie nach Hilfe fragen können. Hierzu gehören beispielsweise zahlreiche Foren im Internet. Hier können Sie dann auch Ihren Code posten und mit anderen gemeinsam nach Ihren Fehlern suchen.

By Goodard

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