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Star Citizen: Klescher Prison Explained - All Info

Since Alpha 3.9, the Klescher Automated Prison is the first prison in Star Citizen. Should you "get to" spend time there, we explain what to expect and how the facility is set up.

Interstellar curtains: Misbehavior in Star Citizen quickly leads to Klescher Prison.

The Klescher Prison is located on the moon Aberdeen, which orbits Hurston. For an escape attempt, this is important to know, as you'll probably want to order a friendly "cab" there.

Star Citizen: This is Klescher Prison

The Klescher Prison is relatively compact and well laid out. You wake up in the living area and can go from there to the center of the facility.
  • There you can expect several info terminals, where you can see your remaining time in captivity.
  • To shorten this, you may perform work. This means mining. Go to the exit that leads to the mines and procure the necessary equipment beforehand on the left side.
  • The mining in the cave system you perform exactly as a free star citizen. This we have explained in more detail here.
  • The collected ores you can deliver to vending machines directly in front of the entrance to the prison. This will shorten your remaining time in prison. Note that the bonus varies greatly depending on the type of ore.
  • Watch out for the oxygen consumption in the mines. To replenish the supplies, you simply need to go to the prison area.
There is nothing more to do in Klescher Prison at the moment. As an alternative to mining, you can simply do the time while you are offline. Afterwards, you will need to make your way to the exit and travel to the surface. This will automatically transfer you to another planetary system and you can continue playing normally.However, escape is also possible - you can learn how to do that, for example, in this video.

By Ansley Faessler

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