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Star Citizen: "Inner Thought" explained - this is the system

The controls of Star Citizen have some peculiarities. When interacting with the environment, the "Inner Thought" system comes into play, and we explain what's behind the term.

Think first, then act: Inner Thought lets you see all the options at all times.

First-person control in Star Citizen is becoming increasingly important as the playable content grows. That's reason enough to understand the term "Inner Thought."

Star Citizen: This is "Personal Inner Thought"

"Inner Thought" (officially fully "Personal Inner Thought") is already present during the first steps in the game. It is, in fact, the basis for most of your actions:
  • When you press "F", you are shown the options for interaction, depending on the angle of view, for example to open doors or pick up packages.
  • This selection of options has been christened "Inner Thought", as the principle is meant to mimic realistic actions. This is because before you perform an action, you have to consciously select it - similar to reality.
  • In the game, the system does not require much training and often even proves to be practical. In anderen Fällen kann es jedoch auch störend sein, da für einfache Vorgänge ein Zwischenschritt nötig ist.
Mittlerweile arbeitet „Inner Thought“ in den allermeisten Fällen fehlerfrei, sodass Sie sich schnell an die Steuerung gewöhnen können.

By Gayelord Merring

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