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Transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone - this is how it is possible

With the smartphone it is possible to create high-resolution photos. Since you usually carry the phone with you in any situation, this allows you to take various snapshots. If you want to transfer one or more photos to another iPhone, you have different options.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone

Having bought a new iPhone, you can usually transfer all files and settings directly to your new device with a backup. However, if you are only missing the photos from your old device, then you also have several options to choose from here.
  1. If you have synced your photos with iCloud, you can download them directly to your new device. To do this, go to "Settings" and select your iCloud account. Now tap on "iCloud" and then activate "Photos". Now enable the "iCloud photo library" option. Do this on both iPhones to transfer your photos from the old device to the new one.
  2. Alternatively, you have the option to connect your old iPhone to iTunes and import all the selected photos. To do this, click "Import Selection." Then connect the new device and click on "Photos" > "Sync photos". Now go to "Copy photos from:" > "Photos app" > "Selected albums" > "Last import" > "Apply".
  3. If you have AirDrop enabled on both devices, you can also exchange photos between the iPhones with this connection.
  4. Another option is to transfer the photos from the PC to the iPhone.

By Lorelei

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