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MHW: Inner Eye - all info about the important skill

Among the numerous skills in Monster Hunter World, some are very special. Among them is Inner Eye, which is interesting for both melee and ranged fighters. We explain the skill.

Fire freely: with Inner Eye / Ballistics you have fewer restrictions in combat.

Inner Eye does not exist standalone, but always only as Inner Eye / Ballistics. This makes it clear that the skill covers two purposes at once.

MHW: What Inner Eye / Ballistics Gives You

The Inner Eye / Ballistics skill affects melee and ranged combatants, albeit in different ways:
  • Melee weapons with Inner Eye can no longer bounce off the monster, regardless of the sharpness and condition of the monster. This is handy, for example, with the black spikes of the Nergigante or the hardened skin of the Lavasioth.
  • For ranged weapons, the skill shortens the minimum distance for optimal damage. This is helpful in situations where you are close to the monster. Thanks to Inner Eye, you no longer have to retreat to do full damage.
The skill has only one level and can be activated via decoration (slot 2), but optionally via various set bonuses. The latter are necessary if you have not yet received the decoration, but still want to play with Inner Eye. Very common, by the way, is the English name "Mind's Eye / Ballistics" - if you come across this, Inner Eye / Ballistics is meant.

By Zoltai

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