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MHW: Crafting explained - that's why the skill is so important

Even as you take your first steps in Monster Hunter World, you'll notice that your weapon's sharpness quickly decreases. In the later course of the game, therefore, the craft skill comes into play.

Craft skill in demand: as high a weapon sharpness as possible is the goal of many players.

For orientation beforehand a note. For handicraft, the English word "Handicraft" is often used in German usage.

MHW: This is the effect of handicraft

The handicraft skill is directly related to the sharpness:
  • Handicraft improves resp. Extends the sharpness bar of your weapon.
  • This means that you can use craft to achieve a new color, or to increase the existing sharpness, allowing you to place more blows until the sharpness is depleted.
  • Many weapons require a few points in crafting to go from blue to white or from white to purple.
  • Since a higher level of sharpness means a damage bonus, many players aim for this upgrade.
  • You can get sharpness via armor pieces, decorations (slot level 2) or the pendant, which can be upgraded to the fourth level in Iceborne.
  • You can invest a maximum of five points in crafting. This is done, for example, via the pendant (4 points) and a decoration (level 1).
In connection with the sharpness, there are other skills, first and foremost the protection polish, the Teostra set bonus or the fast sharpening. Which of these skills you ideally use depends on the weapon and the rest of the set requirements.

By Thirzia Cresswell

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