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Star Citizen: Permadeath system explained - all info

Permadeath means the permanent death of a character. This is also implemented in Star Citizen, but with some special features. Our guide explains how the system is structured.

Successor wanted: Permadeath in Star Citizen does not mean that you lose everything.

It had already been clear for years that the game characters in Star Citizen would not simply be revived infinitely. Meanwhile, more details are known.

Star Citizen: Permadeath as the last stage - with consequences

Star Citizen handles the permadeath issue as follows:
  • Descendants play a central role. Should your character finally pass away, you continue the game as a descendant.
  • Most possessions (such as ships) are taken over. In addition, the descendant must also live with the reputation of his ancestor, so that the game style is preserved.
However, not every death in Star Citizen means the inevitable permadeath. It is distinguished between several stages:
  • So a character can be mortally wounded and die, but by rescue back to life. A role for this play the technological possibilities in the SC universe.
  • One stage further it goes with a clone after death. However, this does not work indefinitely often.
  • Only then follows the permadeath, that is, the final death, after which you continue to play with a descendant.
The implementation of permanent death is intended to contribute to the fact that the (screen) life feels more valuable and risky actions are better weighed. In this point, too, CIG thus consistently implements the high realism claims.

By Woodall

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