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Canon lenses on Sony Alpha 6000 - so it is possible

If you still have a lens from Canon and want to use it on your new Sony Alpha 6000, it is not so easy. Since the manufacturers use different lens mounts, it only works with the help of an adapter. Read which adapters are suitable.

Sony Alpha 6000: This is how connecting a lens from Canon is possible

Because each camera manufacturer uses its own connectors for its lenses, it is not so easy to screw a lens from Canon to the Sony Alpha 6000. While Canon uses EF or EF-S mount lenses for its cameras, the Sony Alpha 6000 uses an E-mount. Therefore, in order for the connection of a Canon lens to the Sony camera to work, you need a suitable adapter.

Canon lens to Sony Alpha 6000: These adapters are available

Would you now like to attach a lens from Canon to the Alpha 6000, the purchase of an adapter from E-mount to EF is necessary. If you still have an analog Canon lens, it still uses the old FD standard and you need an adapter from E-mount to FD. You can get a corresponding model from the company Quenox for as little as 22.99 euros.
  1. For a low price of 26 euros, you can get the K&F Concept EOS-NEX lens adapter. This allows you to manually connect lenses from Canon to the Sony Alpha 6000 and is, due to its nature of metal, particularly durable. However, you have to do without additional functions such as autofocus with this model.
  2. If additional functions are important to you, we recommend buying the Commlite autofocus adapter for 89.99 euros. This offers you, in addition to autofocus, the possibility of aperture adjustment and a function for image stabilization.

By Halfon

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