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Canon printer error B200 - this is what the error message means

If your Canon printer outputs the error code "B200" instead of printing, this is possibly due to a problem with the ink cartridges. However, with a trick you can quickly get the problem under control and use your printer again as usual.

What you can do about printer error B200

If your Canon printer issues error B200, it is usually a problem with the ink cartridges. The message occurs mainly when you are not using original Canon cartridges.However, there is a trick you can use to fix the problem.
  1. Remove the ink cartridges from your Canon printer.
  2. Wash the cartridge thoroughly under lukewarm water, cleaning the nozzles.
  3. Dry the printer cartridges and then reinstall them in the printer.
  4. Then turn on the printer with the cover open. The printer will then perform a self-test to check the installed cartridges and functions.
After the test is successfully completed, you can resume sending print jobs to your Canon printer as usual.

How to avoid printer error B200 in the future

To prevent the error from occurring again in the future, it is important that you use either original Canon ink or an alternative of equal quality. To prevent the cartridge glands from gumming up, you should regularly use the printer's cleaning program. Furthermore, it also helps if you make one printout in black and white and one in color once a week.

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