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Is my phone LTE-enabled? How to find out

LTE is now considered the latest standard for mobile Internet surfing. However, not all smartphones are also capable of using the fast LTE technology. How to find out if your cell phone is LTE-capable and how to activate the function, we explain here.

What LTE means

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and refers to a mobile technology that allows you to surf the Internet quickly even with your mobile data. LTE is sometimes also referred to as 4G, as it is now the fourth mobile network after UMTS, Edge and 3G. Meanwhile, LTE is considered the standard for mobile Internet use and has some advantages over the older cell phone networks in terms of speed and other technical features.

How to enable LTE reception on your LTE-enabled cell phone

Even though LTE is now the standard for cell phone use and more than 95 percent of households have LTE, your smartphone may still not support the technology. You can tell whether your device uses LTE reception when surfing mobile data by the small icon displayed in the top right corner. If it says LTE or 4G, then you are surfing on the LTE network.
  1. To enable LTE on your Android smartphone, please open the Settings app of the device and go to "Network Connections" > "More Settings". Tippen Sie dort auf „Mobile Netzwerke“ und wählen Sie „LTE“ als Netzmodus aus.
  2. Haben Sie ein iPhone, ist die Aktivierung des LTE wiederum unter „Einstellungen“ > „Mobiles Netz“ möglich, indem Sie dort den Schalter neben dem Eintrag „LTE aktivieren“ nach rechts schieben, sodass dieser grün leuchtet.

By Lexine Hanle

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