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Does the Fitbit Versa have GPS? Find out here

With the Fitbit Versa you can track your daily activities, your workouts, but also your sleep. To get better results in this regard, many similar fitness trackers have an integrated GPS module. Whether the Fitbit Versa also has GPS, we show you here.

How to use GPS on the Fitbit Versa

The GPS feature comes into play on the Fitbit Versa to provide more accurate records of your workouts in terms of distance traveled or speed. But the Fitbit Versa, unlike the Fitbit Ionic, does not have a built-in GPS module. To use GPS anyway, you need to connect your Fitbit Versa to a mobile device via Bluetooth so that the tracker can access the smartphone's GPS sensors.
  1. To use GPS, first please open the training app and search for the workout, such as running, hiking or cycling, for which you want to use GPS.
  2. Then tap the "gear icon" to open the settings and turn on GPS connectivity there.
  3. Now wait briefly until the Fitbit Versa has connected with the smartphone before you start your workout by tapping on the "play icon".

Fitbit Versa: This is the cause when GPS does not work

If the GPS connection between smartphone and Fitbit Versa does not work, this can have several causes. For example, tall buildings, trees or clouds can cause the connection to the GPS satellite to be impaired. Also, make sure that the two devices are no more than nine meters apart and that both Bluetooth and GPS are enabled on the smartphone. To solve the problem, it is often already enough to restart the app or smartphone.

By Shandeigh Romberger

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