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Google Earth: measure distances

Probably everyone has used Google's services at some point, for example to plan a route with the popular "Maps" app. With the help of Google Earth, route planning is not easier, but you will be presented with much more precise geographical data.

How to perform measurements with Google Earth

Independently of what exactly you want to measure in Google Earth, always perform the same steps. You can even save various distances afterwards.
  1. To measure distances, you do not need the Pro function of Google Earth. The measurement is also possible directly through the browser application.
  2. Now select the location from which a measurement should be made.
  3. Click in the left menu bar on the ruler icon labeled "Measure distances and areas".
  4. Now click on a specific point on the map from where the measurement should start, then click on the point where this should end. Optionally, you can add more points by clicking on the map.
  5. In the top right window you can now see how far this distance is in meters. Klicken Sie auf „Fertig“, um die Messung zu beenden und „Neu beginnen“, um eine weitere Strecke auszumessen.
  6. Wenn Sie auf das Icon mit den übereinanderliegenden Blättern klicken, kopieren Sie die Entfernung und können diese in einer anderen Anwendung einfügen.
  7. Innerhalb der App gehen Sie genauso vor.

By Hengel Macha

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