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Configuring Apple Pay Failed: Causes

Apple's convenient payment service comes with many benefits, but they can only be used properly when configured successfully. Common causes of problems with Apple Pay include payment cards supported by non-participating issuers, outdated iOS versions, or geographic restrictions.

Configuring Apple Pay Failed: Problems Adding a Card

These potential error sources are mostly responsible for configuration problems with Apple Pay:
  1. Old iOS version: check your iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch for the latest iOS version. If necessary, perform an update.
  2. Card not compatible: Although Apple Pay is supported by most banks and credit institutions, there are still issuers that are not compatible with Apple's payment service. In case of problems, you should confirm this with the bank of your issued card.
  3. Geographic restrictions: Apple Pay is not supported in every country. In this list you will find all countries where Apple Pay usage is possible.

Manually add a card to Apple Pay

Open Wallet on your Apple device and click "Add". Click "Next" to manually enter the details of your payment card. After confirmation, enter any other mandatory details to complete the manual integration of your card with Apple Pay.

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