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Using Google Earth offline - is it possible?

If you want to extend your battery life or reduce your mobile data usage, then using Google Earth offline is a good idea. But before this is possible, you need to perform some steps in advance. Also, when using it offline, some features will no longer be available.

How to use Google Earth offline

Before you can use Google Earth offline, it is necessary to download and save the appropriate map on your device. Also, note that when using it offline, you can only view routes for the car. In addition, it is not possible to retrieve information about the traffic situation.
  1. Start the Google Earth app on your smartphone first. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet.
  2. Enter the city from which you need the map.
  3. Tap then on the name of the city below and select the icon with the arrow down to start the download. Alternatively, click on the three dots and then on "Download offline map" > "Download".
  4. Now open your profile in the app, select "Settings" and activate the option "Only via WLAN".
  5. You can save as many offline maps as you have storage space available. Alternatively, you can change the storage location to an SD card. This is possible via the "Storage Settings" in the settings of the app.

By Richman Jeffery

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