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The Wandering Village: How to support the Kickstarter hit

It's not new that innovative computer games like to be funded via Kickstarter. With The Wandering Village, there is now a particularly sensational candidate. We have all the info.

New scale: in The Wandering Village, you build on the back of a living creature.

The Wandering Village is not even playable yet, but is nevertheless already in the spotlight.

The Wandering Village: Kickstarter phase until mid-November 2020

This is due to the really interesting game idea:
  • Basically, it is about building strategy with survival elements.
  • The special feature, however, is that you build your city on the back of a living, wandering creature. Consequently, it is also to take care of these.
  • The name of the game is thus self-explanatory. Until November 13, 2020, it is still possible to support the game on Kickstarter. To secure a copy of the finished game, you need to invest at least 14 euros.
You can find all the info on the Kickstarter page.

By Geraud

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