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WLAN monitoring - how to keep an eye on your network

If you want to keep an eye on what is going on in your WLAN network, you can do this with the help of special analysis tools, for example. Alternatively, some routers also offer the option of monitoring the network. Find out here how to retrieve all the important information about your network.

How to monitor your WLAN network

You can find out a lot of information about the WLAN network, such as frequencies, channels or connected devices, from the router's user interface. The backend of most routers can be accessed via the browser. Which URL you need for this depends on the manufacturer of the router. The settings of Fritzbox routers, for example, can be accessed via the address: https://fritz.box.Alternatively, you can also monitor all activities in your WLAN network using special software. This is particularly practical if you do not have access to the router's user interface. In addition, special analysis tools often offer a better way to keep an eye on what is happening in the network.
  • With the free tool InSSIDer, for example, you can analyze and monitor WLAN networks. Through the tool, you can get detailed information about the frequencies, channels, signal strength or encryption of a network, among other things. InSSIDer is also able to display the information for a better overview and graphically.
  • Significantly more extensive possibilities offers Wireshark. With the tool, which is also free, you can, for example, monitor the data traffic in the network and get precise information about the various users who are on the network.
In addition to analysis software for the desktop, there are also apps such as Fing or Network Analyzer, which allow you to monitor your network from your smartphone.

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