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Disable in-app purchases - keep an eye on the costs

With online games or other apps in particular, the temptation to use money via in-app purchases is great. If you want to avoid the risk for yourself or for your children, then you should turn off the option. You can choose between different variants.

How to disable in-app purchases

You can either choose to disable in-app purchases completely or secure this option with a password to keep control over spending.
  1. If you want to set up a password, first click on the "Settings" option on your smartphone or tablet. After that, select your name and following that, select either the "iTunes & App Store" or the "Google Play Store". You must now decide whether you always want to enter the password or the entry remains valid for 15 minutes. Following this, set a password.
  2. Alternatively, click on the "Screen Time" option and then click on the "Content and Privacy Restrictions" tab. Now you need to enable the "Content and Privacy" slider and enter your unlock code. Select "Store purchases" and specify that in-app purchases are not allowed.

Increase security

Not only can you make sure that in-app purchases are disabled, but also that no apps can be installed. This will not only protect your children from unwanted costs, but also from problematic content.

By Johiah

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