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Open the Honor View 20 - what you have to keep in mind

The Honor View 20 can keep up very well with many modern smartphones. But in order to also be able to ensure a slim design, the device is closed in such a way that it is difficult to open again. This requires special tools and a careful approach.

How to open the Honor View 20

If the hardware of your Honor View 20 causes problems, then a repair is usually necessary. For example, if the battery needs to be replaced, it is necessary to open the device first. However, this is no longer as easy with the newer devices, since the two sides are glued together to make the device as slim as possible. If you still have a warranty claim on the Honor View 20, then first find out whether the repair will be covered. Also note that opening the device can cause further damage.
  1. To perform the repair, you first need the right spare part, such as a new battery.
  2. You also need a suitable opening kit, which you can find at various online retailers. This consists of various screwdrivers, picks and similar items.
  3. With the picks, you loosen the edge to lift the back. Anschließend können Sie das Gerät öffnen.
  4. Detaillierte Reparaturanleitungen für das spezifische Problem finden Sie auf diversen Webseiten. Achten Sie darauf, dass eine Reparatur, je nach Kenntnisstand, zwischen 30 und 60 Minuten dauern kann.

By Taro

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