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Bing Maps: Enable bird's eye view - here's how it works

For a while, special maps were available on Bing Maps in bird's eye view - but only of certain cities. Although that feature is no longer available, you can find a similar one.

Bird's-eye view lets you see the world in 3D.

Bing Maps isn't as widely used as Google Maps, but it also has many useful features. A few years ago, the service shined with bird's-eye view maps of 58 German cities. This meant that a high-resolution 3D model of the corresponding cities was available online. Even here, areas such as airports, military facilities and more had to be pixelated. The maps were later removed from Bing Maps.

Bing Maps: Bird's eye view and satellite imagery

While there is no bird's eye view, you can view maps on Bing not only by map, but also by satellite. If you use Bing Maps in the browser, change the map view with the following steps:
  1. Open Bing Maps.
  2. Click "Street" on the right side of the bar above the map content. Here you can switch to "Aerial View".
  3. If, on the other hand, you are already in the aerial view, you can click on "Aerial View" and switch to "Road".
  4. When you are in the "Aerial View", you also have the option to turn off labels via the same menu.
The map then switches. All geographical details are included, such as roads, green spaces, forests, bodies of water - thanks to the satellite image. If you want to get a more detailed picture of the surroundings, you can also use Bing Streetside or the competitor Google Streetview.

By Corney

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