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Google Maps: Enable Street View - how to do it

To plan your visit to a place or sight in detail beforehand, it is useful to use Google Maps Street View. How to activate the Street View view on the PC and in the Google Maps app, we show you here.

How to activate Google Street View on PC

To get an overview of a place in advance, it is recommended to use Google Street View. To use Street View on the PC, first call up the Google Maps website at "maps.google.de" in your browser. Then search for the place you want to view and click on the icon of the little yellow man at the bottom right. Thereupon, all streets and areas for which a Street View view is available will be displayed in blue and you can take a closer look at them by clicking on them.

Using Google Street View on your smartphone

If you don't have a computer nearby at the moment, it is also possible to use Google Street View on your smartphone. All you need for this is the Google Maps app, which you can get for free in the Play or App Store.
  1. To use Street View on your mobile device, please first open the Google Maps app.
  2. In this, tap on the icon for additional map types in the top right corner and select the "Street View" option there.
  3. Nun sehen Sie die verschiedenen Orte beziehungsweise Straßen, für die die Street View-Ansicht verfügbar ist und können sie durch Antippen auswählen.
  4. Alternativ ist die Aktivierung der Street View Ansicht ebenfalls möglich, indem Sie eine bestimmte Straße gedrückt halten, bis die Street View Vorschau erscheint.

By Juliane

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