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Manage memory - how to keep an eye on your memory

For your PC as well as smartphone and tablet to work smoothly, you should make sure that you always have enough memory available. Otherwise, you may experience prolonged loading time, reboots, and even crashes.

How to manage your storage space

Modern computers, smartphones and tablets are usually equipped with enough storage capacity to allow you to install or save apps and programs as well as files and photos in large quantities. Nevertheless, it is important that you occasionally get an overview of the storage space that you still have available.
  • Under the Windows 10 operating system, press the button with the Windows icon and the letter "i" at the same time. Then switch to "System" and then to "Memory". Now you will see how much storage space is occupied on the individual drives or how much is still available to you.
  • On the Mac, go to the Apple menu and then navigate to "About this Mac". There you then click on "Memory". Now you will see a bar in which you can see on the one hand, how much storage space is used in total and on the other hand, you can see which file type takes how much capacity.
  • On the iPhone and iPad, you can view the used space under the path "Settings" > "General" > "Usage" > "Storage" > "Manage Storage". There you will see a list that shows all your installed apps sorted by size. Then uninstall those that you no longer need and move photos and files to an external storage medium or to a cloud.
  • On Android, your storage capacity is displayed under "Settings" > "Device Maintenance" > "Storage". A list also breaks down which file type uses how much storage.

By Rexford Mottern

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