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Partitioning a USB stick - this is how it works

To partition your USB stick, you need Windows' own tool "Disk Part". You can find this via the command prompt, where you can also partition. Please note, however, that you can only create one partition on the USB stick at a time.

USB stick: How to use DiskPart for partitioning

Under Windows it is not so easy to partition a USB stick, because Disk Management recognizes a USB stick only as a removable disk. To partition the USB stick nevertheless, the tool "DiskPart" already integrated in Windows helps you.
  1. To make the partitioning work by means of DiskPart, please go to "All Programs" > "Accessories" and open the Windows command prompt.
  2. It is important that you open this as administrator by right-clicking the command prompt and selecting "Run as administrator".
  3. Then type the command "diskpart" in the command prompt window so that the tool is ready for use.

With this procedure you partition a USB stick

Now start partitioning by first finding the stick with the command "list disk" and then select it with "select disk". Also delete all existing partitions on the USB stick by typing "clean".
  1. Now to create a new partition on the USB stick, use the command "create partition primary size=" and specify the size of the partition by specifying a number after "size".
  2. Wählen Sie die neue Partition anschließend mit „select partition 1“ aus und geben Sie den Befehl „activ“ ein.
  3. Nun ist noch die Formatierung des USB-Sticks mit dem Befehl „format fs=fat32 quick“ notwendig, bevor Sie die Partitionierung durch Eingabe von „assign“ und „exit“ abschließen.

By Caria Balfour

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