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Pivot: Calculated field - how to use the table

When using pivot tables in Excel, you have several functions to choose from. It is also possible to perform calculations in the tables. For this purpose, you can use the calculated field and the calculated element. With a calculated field, for example, you add more columns.

How to use a calculated field in pivot tables

If you want to perform calculations in pivot tables, it is possible with the help of calculated fields and elements. In principle, pivot tables are crosstabs. In this case, rows contain so-called aggregations. These include, for example, totals and groupings. Columns, on the other hand, can contain different information in terms of content. With calculated fields, you can thus add another column to your table, which again contains further information.
  1. With a calculated field, you can add another column to your pivot table, which is based on the basic data, but does not change it.
  2. To do this, you must first click on the PivotTable Analysis toolbar. From there, select the "Fields, Elements and Groups" option.
  3. Here you will find the "Calculated Field" button. Now another window will open.
  4. Now you can enter a heading for your new column in the "Name" field.
  5. Then enter the formula you need to calculate the new information in "Formula". You can select the fields you need for the formula in the lower area from the field list with a double click.

By Groves Vivion

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