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Frostpunk: PS4 and Xbox One versions coming soon

Frostpunk was released on April 24, 2018 for PC and was able to largely meet expectations. The next hit, then - and that calls console players on the plan. They can rest easy, however, because versions for PS4 and Xbox One are also available.

The frostpunk scenario directly captivates players - soon on consoles as well.

Frostpunk combines many currently popular themes: Survival combat in a steampunk scenario embedded in a construction game. After consistently good test results, the game can already be considered a success.

Frostpunk: PS4 and Xbox versions available since the end of 2019

Earlier, construction games and other strategy titles were considered difficult to implement for consoles. That has long since changed, hits like Surviving Mars are the best proof of that. So Frostpunk is mainly about the technical adaptation:
  • One of the central points is the control, because the combo of mouse and keyboard is fundamentally different than with the gamepad.
  • Since consoles, unlike PC, bring a uniform performance, this aspect must also be adapted.
  • Despite the necessary adaptations, it was on 11. October 2019 so far and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users could also enjoy the release of the game for the console.

PS4: All information on the possible Frostpunk version for Nintendo Switch

Other than owners of PS4 and Xbox One, owners of a Nintendo Switch must continue to hope and wait. 11 Bit Studios has not ruled out a Switch version, but has postponed it for now because of the major technical differences to the consoles from Sony and Microsoft. The current concentration is first the perfect implementation for PS4 and Xbox One.

By Jeri

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