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What does a Fitbit do? All about the fitness tracker

Fitbit fitness trackers are usually worn on the wrist and record health data such as distance traveled, heart rate, or how many calories you burned during your last workout. Get an overview of the most important info around the smart fitness trackers.

Fitbit: What you need to know about the fitness tracker

The American company Fitbit currently offers four different versions of its smart fitness wristbands.
  • The entry-level model is the Inspire, which is priced at around 79.95 euros, followed by the Inspire HR for 99.95 euros. The flagship is the Charge 3, priced at 149.95 euros. In addition, Fitbit also offers a model for children with the Ace 2. Cost-wise, the Ace 2, like the Inspire, is 79.95 euros.
  • The data collected by the fitness trackers can be evaluated by you via the associated Fitbit app. The app is available for download for both Android and iOS devices in the respective App Store.
  • In addition to the fitness trackers, Fitbit offers suitable accessories for the various devices, such as interchangeable wristbands or wireless headphones.
In addition to fitness trackers, Fitbit also has three different smartwatch models in its range, the Versa, Versa Lite and the Ionic, which, like the fitness wristbands, record your activity.

Fitbit alternatives: These options you have

If you are looking for an alternative to a Fitbit fitness tracker, you will also find it with other manufacturers. Samsung, for example, also carries a fitness tracker in its range with the Galaxy Fit. Apple does not offer a dedicated fitness wristband, but still has a device in its range with the Apple Watch, which has corresponding functions.

By Crista Abdelrahman

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