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Fitness tracker to measure blood pressure?

Most fitness trackers measure the pulse, but there are also some devices that can additionally measure the blood pressure. So if you want to use your health and fitness wristband to determine this value, you must definitely pay attention to the necessary sensors.

How a fitness tracker can measure blood pressure

At the doctor's office, blood pressure is measured by a cuff that contracts. So how can a fitness tracker, worn only as a bracelet around the wrist, provide these values?The fitness trackers that are capable of measuring blood pressure have special sensors that sense even the tiniest movements of the body. If the heart pumps blood through the blood vessels, this is registered by the tracker. However, blood pressure is estimated based on various measurements. Therefore, it will not be as accurate as with a blood pressure monitor and will not give a reliable indication of whether your blood pressure is concerning or not.

Measuring blood pressure: how it works

So far, few fitness wristband manufacturers offer devices that measure blood pressure. One example of a tracker that can do this is the Asus VivoWatch BP. Bei diesem Gerät funktioniert das Blutdruck messen so:
  1. Die Asus Vivowatch BP verfügt über einen kleinen Sensor in Form eines runden Metallplättchens.
  2. Auf diesen legen Sie Ihren Finger für etwa 15 Sekunden.
  3. Aus den Werten des Blutflusses und anderen Messungen wird Ihr Blutdruck ermittelt.
Weitere Fitness-Tracker zum Blutdruck messen gibt es beispielsweise von YAMAY, Lintelek und HETP.

By LeMay

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