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Dropbox: Share link - how it works

When using Dropbox, you not only have the option of backing up important files to the online cloud, but you can also share and share them with others via link. How to create such a Dropbox link in the app and in the browser, we show you here.

Share a Dropbox link in the browser

To give colleagues, friends or relatives access to content in your Dropbox, it is necessary to create a link and share it. The procedure required to do this depends on whether you use Dropbox in the browser or as an app.
  1. If you use your Dropbox in the browser, first log in to "dropbox.com" with your user details.
  2. Then click on "All Files", browse for the folder or file you want to share and select "Share".
  3. After that, click on "Copy Link" and paste the link into an email or chat message to send it to the appropriate people.

Dropbox: How to share the link in the app

If you have Dropbox installed as an app on your PC or laptop, a Dropbox folder is automatically created on the hard drive. To share a file from this folder via link, please open the Dropbox folder and right-click on the file. Then select "Share" from the context menu and copy the link to send it. On the other hand, if you use the app on your mobile device, first search for the file you want to share and tap the three-dot menu. Then tap "Share" > "Create Link" and choose one of the sharing options.

By Fidellas Rooker

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