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Google Maps: Avoid freeway - how to set it

You can use the Google Maps app on your smartphone to plan routes. In doing so, various functions are available to you, with which you can design the planning according to your wishes. Via the settings, for example, it is possible to plan routes that avoid highways.

How to avoid freeways with Google Maps

With Google Maps, you can plan a route in advance. However, it is also possible for you to navigate on the go with the help of the Google Maps app. In addition, the application offers you the possibility to make individual settings that make planning easier. For example, if you want to avoid highways on your way, you can specify this via the settings.
  1. Using Google Maps in the browser, first enter your starting point and destination and let the route be calculated.
  2. Below that, you will find the "Options" button right next to the "Start now" button. Click on "Options" to see the route options.
  3. Here you will find the "Avoid" column on the left side. Check the box next to "Highways." The route will be automatically recalculated.
  4. Use the Google Maps app, then you also enter your destination here first. Then tap on "Route" and then on "By car". Nun wählen Sie das Icon mit den drei waagerechten Punkten aus.
  5. Tippen Sie im nächsten Schritt auf „Routenoptionen“. Hier können Sie die Option „Autobahnen vermeiden“ aktivieren.

By Nealy

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