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What is an Influencer? - That's what you should know about it!

Through YouTube, Instagram and other platforms, you come across the term "Influencer" more and more often. But most people wonder what it actually refers to. The term itself was introduced and used by various marketers back in 2007.

What is an influencer?

Even nowadays you can hardly avoid the term influencer. However, as current as the term seems, the idea has been around for some time. Even earlier, social scientists were concerned with the effects of popular people's actions on other people.
  1. Influencers are people who are admired or appreciated by other people. Thus, their opinions are considered authoritative. So you can influence the opinion of others with your fame and popularity - not for nothing means "to influence" to German "beeinflussen".
  2. This is especially important for the marketing of products or other items very important.
  3. But also in other areas such as politics, various influencers such as athletes, actors or other stars are used to spread the views of parties.
  4. Heutzutage treffen Sie vor allem in den Social-Media-Plattformen auf verschiedene Influencer.
  5. So werden hier verschiedene Mode- und Make-Up-Trends vorgestellt, aber auch verschiedene Produkte getestet.
  6. Die YouTube-Influencer testen die Produkte meist direkt vor der Kamera und äußern Ihre Meinung dazu.
  7. Aber auch Blogs oder Instagram sind sehr gute Möglichkeiten für Influencer, eine breite Masse anzusprechen.

By Betsy Luangamat

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