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Snapchat: App crashes - what you can do

Snapchat lets you send pictures and photos to your friends. What makes the app special is that the media self-destructs after a few seconds. The instant messaging service is available as an app for smartphones and tablets. If the app crashes on you, this can have various causes.

This helps when Snapchat crashes

Snapchat is available for Android and iOS. If the app crashes on you, then this can have different causes. Not always is the error on your smartphone.
  1. If the image of the app hangs, it is usually enough to close it and then open again. Make sure you exit the app completely and not just move it to the background.
  2. If your memory is running out, this can also cause the app to crash. Therefore, check via the settings whether you still have free memory. Within the app, you can clear the app's temporary memory under "Settings" > "Clear Cache". Then restart the app and check whether the error has been fixed.
  3. If the app still crashes, restart your smartphone. Another option is to reinstall the app.
  4. In some cases, the error may be on the side of Snapchat. Whether this time is also an error, you usually find out about the Twitter account of Snapchat.

By Lindon Malaspina

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