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Battlefield 5 crashes: What you can do

When a game like Battlefield 5 crashes, it is very annoying for the player - especially in multiplayer. In most cases, the cause is related to the software. But the graphics card or RAM can also be the problem.

First aid: Battlefield 5 crashes

Every program can crash from time to time - even Battlefield 5 is not immune to this. In most cases, it is enough to restart your PC and then run the game again. However, if it regularly comes to crashes, you should do some causal research. First check the software:
  1. First check in the Origin Launcher whether Battlefield 5 is up to date.
  2. Update the Origin Launcher as well. Check under "Origin > Application Settings" to see if Origin automatically checks for updates.
  3. If neither of these things helped, click Battlefield in your games library. Then click the gear next to "Play" and click "Repair."
  4. Update the graphics card drivers. Outdated graphics card software can also cause game crashes.

Other reasons at a glance

Hardware can also cause the problem that Battlefield 5 crashes. If you just got the game, you should read through the system requirements for Battlefield 5. Possibly your components are outdated.In addition, your memory may also be overloaded. Close all programs and then test whether Battlefield runs smoothly. Recording programs or even the browser can sometimes already lead to conflicts with a game.

By Radack

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