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Word: "Track changes" enable

When writing a Word file, it may happen from time to time that you make changes in the document. So that you or even a second reader can track these corrections, it's a good idea to enable tracking of changes.

"Track changes": how to enable the feature

This is how you enable tracking for changes in your Word document:
  1. First open any Word document on your PC.
  2. Then open the top tab "Review".
  3. Now you can enable the correction mode. Click on "Track changes." Now all the changes you make in your text will be marked.
  4. These changes are then marked at the appropriate place by a red line on the left side of the document.
  5. If you now click on such a red line, all the changes in the text will be displayed to you very precisely.

Disable tracking for changes

If you no longer want to see the tracking for your changes in Word, you can disable it again. To do this, simply click on "Disable tracking for changes" in the corresponding document. This item is located in exactly the same place as the previously made activation of the changes. After deactivation, no more changes will be shown to you.

By Brenden Louima

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