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Update Android 9 - how to perform the update

The latest Android version "Pie" has been around for quite some time, but so far it is only available for certain devices. Especially the well-known smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei want to offer the latest Android system as a beta version this year.

How to update your Android 9 device

The latest Android version is not yet available for all smartphones. However, manufacturers are adding more and more devices, so many smartphones will soon be able to update to Android 9 "Pie". Whether your device is included, you can read in various lists.
  1. To update your Android, it is necessary to search for the latest update and then download it.
  2. To do this, first go to the "Settings" app on your smartphone.
  3. Then click on the "System" entry and then on "Advanced" to display more options. On some devices, you have to tap "About the phone" instead of "Advanced".
  4. Select here the the entry "System updates".
  5. Here you will now see which version you currently have installed.
  6. Ist ein neues Update verfügbar, wird Ihnen eine Anleitung angezeigt, wie Sie Ihr Gerät aktualisieren.
  7. Über die Google-Support-Seite können Sie in Erfahrung bringen, ob aktuell ein Update für Ihr Gerät vorliegt oder geplant ist.

By Territus Wolnik

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